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The new way

Guidool is a mobile platform bringing tourists, guides and other service providers together. Here one who seeks out an extraordinary experience meets the one who provides it.

Guidool redefines the way we think about tours.


No more flyers, brochures, catalogues browsing. No more web searching, phone calling. No more queueing. All you need is our mobile app.

Guidool allows you to see what’s out there whenever you need it and check how those before you liked it. When ready, buy the tickets – it takes seconds!

More exposure

Offer your services to individuals, who will build a group!

It’s up to you what you show, when, for how long and how much. It can be your main operation or something you do occasionally in your spare time. Manage your offerings and adjust to your liking.


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What's Guidool?
Cancellations and returns
How does it work? We are a platform connecting tourists, guides and other service providers. Everyone is able to join our community, either to look for a great tourist experience or to offer one.
Do I need to pay for it? Access to Guidool is totally free. In the future we plan to introduce commission on the tickets sold to keep this app growing. :)
What can I do here as a tourist? You can see up to date information about guided tours, cruises and other interesting experiences in a desired location. You can filter listings and, when you find something that interests you, buy the tickets.
What can I do here as a guide/service provider? Guidool is a great place to offer services for tourists. Thanks to our app individuals, families will join together to buy your tickets. Guidool is flexible and you can adjust it to your needs. It will also help you to manage your sales better thanks to e-ticketing feature.
What happens if a trip is cancelled? For now, as no money is being paid or received through our app, nothing happens. If you are a tourist, you will receive a notification about the cancellation. If you are a guide, we strongly recommend to keep cancellations to minimum, as this may have an impact on a opinion one has among the users and directly affect future sales.
Why does it work like that? We believe that both sides should work towards the common goal, which is having a great experience. We want tourists to feel safe about the purchases they have made. Also we want to make sure guides will get paid for the time they have reserved for their customers.
What should I do when I'm not satisfied with the the service I have received? Guidool is not responsible for actions of either party. However, if you have a complaint you can always contact us and we will try to act as an intermediary between both sides.
How long in advance is it possible to add a trip? 30 days, although this limit might change in the future.
Can I set a minimum number of participants? Yes :) However, we recommend to keep this number as low as possible. If you cancel trips too many times, tourists might stop being interested in your services. Plus, we think that once more tourists start using Guidool, you will not have a problem with empty seats. :)